Saturday, 27 April 2013

A tenfold revenue increase, in just three months,'s success story is a Japanese people website which provides beneficial suggestions for lifestyle. From guidelines on romantic endeavors to how to use web services, it has all types of advice for everyone.

Lately, nanapi began using AdSense and has seen a stable income increase. We talked to Mr. Furukawa, the CEO, and Mr. Saito, the Home of Ads, and requested them about their encounters with AdSense.

Inside AdSense (IA): Please tell us the record of nanapi and how you designed your website.
We recognized nanapi in Sept, 2009. We noticed that there was a need for an details website where individuals might discover guidelines for lifestyle, so we made the decision to provide this material in the form of content on various subjects.

Originally, we only had a pc website but now we’ve designed a cellular website for cellular phones too. As of Aug 2012, we get 42 thousand web page opinions and 9 thousand exclusive customers monthly. The variety of exclusive customers is larger on the pc website, but the smart phone website gets more web page opinions.

IA: How and why did you start using AdSense?
When we first recognized the website, we made the decision not to apply ads as we desired to pay attention to developing top quality material first. After our variety of monthly guests achieved 10 thousand, we applied a method rectangular shape (300x250) in the higher right area of the website. As a result, we gained higher income than we’d expected.

We were amazed by the high company's ads and how well they printed the material of our website. We’d been involved that ads might harm the design or functionality of our website, but we did not feel that way about the website post-implementation. That is why we made the decision to use AdSense more.

IA: What results did you see after applying AdSense?
We began to use AdSense more after the lead in Apr 2012. More particularly, we turned from another ad system to AdSense, and improved the variety of ads per web page. Our income improved more than ten times in just three months!

nanapi includes a lot of subjects, and it can be difficult to show appropriate ads, but with AdSense's contextual focusing on, appropriate ads are proven instantly. People examine out nanapi before they take action, and that's why it's natural for our guests to just click appropriate ads and keep the website. We applied 336x280 ads below our content to catch this kind of customer actions.

IA: Did you have any problems after applying Search engines AdSense?
We did not have any problems in applying or establishing up AdSense. As opposed to ad system we used before, AdSense’s consideration customer interface is simple to use. It was also very simple to apply AdSense on our smart phone website. We copied and pasted the ad rule from the consideration customer interface, just as we’d done for the pc website. It’s very excellent that AdSense allows us to examine efficiency by system too.

As for sources, we only need one person to handle AdSense. The consideration customer interface is very simple to use. For example, when we research with modifying an ad structure, we can examine its efficiency instantly.

We were involved that ads would decline the functionality of our website. However, ad top quality was very excellent and we did not have to fear. Since the ads go with our material, they improve the details on the website and we have not obtained a single issue from our users

IA: Please tell us about your programs for the long run.
We plan to keep including more and more content to our website. Our objective is to make customers think that “if you examine out nanapi, you will discover solutions for all types of subjects.” From an ads viewpoint, we’re considering using DoubleClick for Marketers (DFP) to handle our ad models more easily.

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