Monday, 16 May 2011

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The Wild West is one of the most popular themes in any dress up costume event. There is something so exciting and mysterious about the Wild West that makes everyone interested just to feel how is it to be a cowboy or girl for that matter. For this reason, cowboy fancy dress is one of the most sought-after costumes every time there is a dress up event coming on.
For a hot summer day, the cowboy theme is one of the best as you can make use of your backyard and create a typical old Wild West scenario complete with bandwagon, haystacks and stacked gold rush mine. Children love having a cowboy birthday party for they get to see real live cowboys galloping in a real live horse. When looking for cowboy costumes, it can be quite overwhelming choosing which one you like since there are all sorts of cowboy attires to look into.
For Men:
There are so many different kinds of cowboy costumes that men can look into. There are the famous Lone Ranger blue outfit that comes with a slim eye mask; the cowboy drifter costume made famous by Clint Eastwood which consists of a poncho that looked like a carpet and very untidy or the Gunfighter cowboy costume with the man having two guns whose outfit has some fringes and a bit of decorations. You can also choose from the Sheriff Costume, saloon gambler, drover cowboy with a long overcoat and the village people cowboy costume. One should not forget the "Woody" costume from Toy Story.
For Women:
Just as there are so many options for cowboy attire, same goes with cowgirls. What makes cowboy fancy dress cool is that you can assemble your outfit with things you already own. Denim pants or skirts, plaid shirts, vests and leather boots topped with a cowboy hat and bandanna can give you a typical cowboy look. Some women like to wear sexy cowgirl attire which consists primarily of short denim skirt or tight-fitting jeans and shirtless vest buttoned at the front.
The costume becomes more realistic once you add accessories like a lasso and a fake rifle. Cowboy leather boots are considered an "in" thing because a lot of people wear it regularly when going out. Add a spur in it and you are set to go riding down the country side.
The Wild West theme can be so much fun not only for adults but children alike.

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