Sunday, 22 May 2011

Belts and the new waistline

Until the early 1900’s most trousers did not have belt loops. At this point clothes were being made in factories more often than they were being sewn at home. Standardized sizing took hold and men could purchase a ready-made pair of trousers from a store. As innovations in the sewing machine took place simultaneously, belt loops were stitched onto trousers before their sale to enable an even more perfect fit. Trousers did not have to be tailored exactly in the waist in order to fit a man because a belt could take care of a lot of the small size deviations.

Today belt styles are very diverse – it is very hard to go wrong with a belt. Whether you’re wearing a leather belt studded with spikes or a piece of rope laced through the belt loops of your jeans you are bound to look good. Belt buckles are also in fashion today. Consumers can buy belts and then interchange different flashy buckles to keep the belt fresh from day to day. Currently in women’s fashion thin and colorful woven belts are in style. These belts can be fastened with an old-fashioned metal clip or with the traditional buckle. The belt look has also caught on with clothing items other than trousers. Many jackets are held shut with belts. One can find belt buckles on boots, bags, and jewelry. Belts and belt buckles will always have a place in fashion, serving their practical, fastening function with a little something extra.

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