Thursday, 19 May 2011

New Concept In Silk Ties For Men And Women

nspiration can come from anywhere at any time. Capturing the idea transforming it into a saleable item is hard work and you have to go the extra yards to realise your inspiration. Seeing the product is most satisfying.

Based on a concept, we enlisted the expertise of textile designers, printers, silk weavers and makers the world over. Now, gathered to produce a range of exceptional, original silk ties. Each piece is produced to specific design requirements exclusive to this brand. The true essence of the original designer tie, dating back to 1920 is captured in the brilliant hues of nature and will never date with style in mind. Cut, Made and Trimmed in England by skill full needle workers they will endure the rigours of everyday uses, so value is retained for many years. From conceptual origins to technical specifications conclude all the essential elements of a world class designer silk tie. Wear your colours with pride

This thematic concept is based on the original designer tie, and, is also working on numerous exciting new concepts that are steeped in history. He is taking a totally new approach, because in fashion you have to do something different, because thats what the public expect from fashion. In essence fashion is a culmination of the past, present and future. Designers will draw from historic archives, design in the present, with future in mind.

In the 1920s a pioneering Paris fashion designer, Jean Patou, invented the designer tie. He made ties from women's clothing material including patterns inspired by the latest art movements of the day, Cubism and Art Deco.

Targeted toward women purchasers, his expensive ties were highly successful and displayed near perfume counters or womens clothing departments. Today women buy 80 percent of ties sold throughout the world.

In pursuit of this, we are attempting to revive the essence of Jean Patou concept and attract interest. At some point everything has an impact on fashion/style, the way we live, the games we play, our changing environment, its satisfying to capture these things in fashionable items that people like to wear.

To the future; we are working on a new designer tie collection titled Oceania reflecting the essence of Australian landscape. The ties will display as never before, Aqua Oceans, Red Earth, Blue Mountains and Pink Sunsets in horizontal stripes, depicting the brilliance of Australias colours, and, faintly embossed into the background, Donkey Orchids and Spider Orchids reflecting the subtle beauty amidst one of the harshest environments on earth.

The mineral earth, and sands, the unique colours of eucalyptus as it evaporates and refractors the sunlight turn mountains blue and rock faces purple, just like Albert Namorjiras imagery.

The collection still in its infancy will include leather goods, sport wear, cufflinks and mens jewellery all in line with a thematic style, capturing Australias mineral wealth in belt buckles and leather wallets, bags, packet squares and scarves.

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