Thursday, 19 May 2011

Know the best way to create hippy fashion friendship bracelet

Are you interested in making fashion friendship bracelet? With the help of this article you will be able to create various designs. You do not need too much materials for this project.

Different types of bracelets

Considering your imagination and patience, you can create different models. You can begin with the basic design, the round one. Then as soon as you learned the knack of it you can make some other styles. Begin applying one to two colors first then put some other colors in the next projects you make. For instance, you can give them out to your friends or use them as giveaways to parties.

What are the supplies required?

First, you will need small scissors, one or two paperclips and cotton. The cotton tosses must have different colors, but they all have to be of equal size: 80-90 cm, depending on the thickness of the arm. The number of tosses required depends on the size of the bracelet: should it be thick or thin. Among the finest cotton type are mouline and cotton perle, however it would also be sensible to get an Angelica cotton since it does not tear up easily. The bracelets are made with nods: two nods on every wire, so you must know the four types of nods:

Right node (direct)

The second is an inverse left node

The third one is double right node (double direct)

The fourth one is double left node on double inverse

Put several tosses in between and bind them with the paper clip. Creating fashion friendship bracelet means a lot of hard work, thus it would help if you are patient. The beginning and the end of the bracelet must be uniform.

If you want some ideas about special kinds of bracelets, you can always find some pattern generators online.

Suppose you need some assistance in measuring the toss you can use your body measurements instead, measure it from your finger tips to your shoulder. Then use this tip for the other tosses.

If you have four colors, you will need four tosses and so.

You should bind the top toss. Create nods from 1 to 4. Repeat those steps until the bracelet is finished.

You can invite your friends to come over and make some fashion friendship bracelet. You could think about giving this type of present to your girlfriend, but it is not recommended. Moreover, you could think about a business of this kind if you are a person with initiative.

You can start selling the items to your family members, neighbors, classmates and peers. Never rush on putting up a store suppose you do not have time or cannot dedicate yourself to it. Just because you are able to make a few bracelets for your friends will not mean that you can do bracelets for the rest of your life. Start selling them to your friends, and if you become an expert, you could think about opening an online store. Do not worry, as those small accessories would have tremendous success for the years to come. The fashion friendship bracelet is not affected by the fashion, as it will be in style, even if the common trends are changing every year.

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