Thursday, 19 May 2011

Indie rock chic

Far from being the exclusive domain of rebellious garage rock bands and their imitators, indie rock chic has now gone mainstream. Thousands of fashion conscious people dress the part of rock stars without ever picking up a musical instrument. Rock star fashion has become its own entity and requires no musical talent whatsoever to back it up (although being in a cool rock band will always lend the look more legitimacy). What constitutes indie rock chic? It is an all-encompassing look that begins with the haircut and works its way down to the shoes. Details like the cut of the trousers and the fit of the shirt are crucial. Body type also comes into play here. This look works best for lankier bodies, after all, “starving” has always been one of the defining characteristics of a true artist. And I’m only slightly joking.

What are the elements of indie rock chic? Well above all the look should appear effortless and casual. No one should know that you didn’t just roll out of bed looking that good. Hair that looks too well coiffed and outfits that look too well put together will betray your artifice. Your look needs to say, “Yeah I look great and no I’m not trying.” Let’s start with the basics. You need a perfect pair of denim jeans. It is hard to attain this holy grail of fashion without spending some money on a designer pair. Expensive blue jeans tend to fit better and have sexier lines. However fellow “rock stars” can be harsh when it comes to labels.

The less you paid for your trousers the better. Try shopping at a used clothing store or a vintage boutique. You don’t want to look like you paid top dollar for your clothes. Slightly used is ideal. Men have it lucky because the same trouser styles that were popular decades ago are back in style – slimmer and more form fitting jeans are indie rocker staples. Another crucial element to rockstar style is the t-shirt. A vast collection of unique, tight fitting t-shirts is important. Every t-shirt should make a statement about your personal tastes. Once you have the foundational basics of a great pair of jeans and a sexy t-shirt you have done the majority of the work.

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