Sunday, 22 May 2011

Fashion Trends Women, Kid - Designer Fashion Shoes

The fashion trend is generally set by leading design houses like Chanel, Christian Dior, Dolce and Gabbana, Fendi, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. The sophisticated fashion dress styles by the Parisian and Italian fashion house lead the haute couture of the world.
Man Fashion
A man in the fashion world has a lot going for him. A man in fashion clothing can choose from a wide range of men's fashion apparel, ranging from shorts, Cargos, Jeans and tailored suits. When Levi-Strauss revolutionized jeans, he would not have thought they would continue to rule the man fashion world even into the new millennium. A man can choose from fashion in corporate wear as well as summer fashion wear. Man fashion clothing can also extend to fashion shoes, fashion accessory like sunglasses, bags, belts and man swim wear.
Woman Fashion /Women's Fashion
Women's fashion clothing forms the major part of the fashion designing industry. Women fashion extends to formal wear, lounge wear, lingerie and fashion swim wear. Can you discuss women's fashion without mentioning fashion accessory items? Silk, linen, wool, tweed, cotton and other synthetic blends are used in women's fashion apparel. Hand embroidery, antique buttons and elegant cut help add the interesting details to women's fashion product. Pretty pastels, sequined, glamorous as well as the ever-popular little black dress are essential items in a woman with fashion and style. Interesting necklines, pretty fabrics and overall pattern contribute to women's fashion statements. A fashion dress is indeed a piece of art. A woman with fashion and taste will either buy a designer -inspired fashion dress or pick women's fashion labels off the shelf.
Kid Fashion
The kid fashion segment is also a popular one. Many kids would also like to be seen in kid fashion clothes, fashion shoes and bags. There are many kid fashion design houses involved exclusively in the creation of fashion clothing for kids. Kid fashion keeps in mind the comfort level as well as playful activities of the child. Kid fashion clothes are in materials like cotton, denim, twill and linen. Colorful cartoon characters and themes are used in kid fashion clothes. Kid fashion also extends to kid fashion shoes that are comfortable and safe for growing feet.
Fashions may come and go. But the truly fashionable person will be able to adapt the current fashion trend apparel to oneself and create a unique fashion dress for themselves.
Designer Fashion Shoes
Designer fashion shoes are very popular with teens and adults alike. Fashion shoes can range from moccasin leather to bouncy cushioned shoes. Elegant fashion shoes are available in various categories - women's fashion shoes, men fashion shoes, funky shoes, platform shoes and boots. Hi tech fashion shoes are also not far away - Musical dancing shoes, Metal detecting shoes and shoes with adjustable friction as well as speaking shoes.
Fashion Swim Wear
Fashion swimwear has been especially designed for people who felt that swim wear is more than just a bathing suit. Fashion swim wear is available in a wide variety of colors and designs. Fashion swim wear for women includes bathing suits in different styles as well as an assortment of matching beachwear cover -ups. Bikinis, one-piece swimwear and sarongs are popular among fashion swim wear.
Hair Fashion
Hair fashion has now taken on considerable importance. You can work your hair in fashion styles like French twists, ponytails or go in for the amazing variety of hair fashion treatments available today. In fact, you could take a fashion tip from a hair fashion consultant for a style that suits your hair color and texture. Hair fashion can also involve making changes to the color and texture of your hair.
Summer Fashion
With the summer sun already around, can summer fashion be far behind? Summer fashion clothing is usually simple, relaxed and comfortable. For the man in fashion wear, summer fashion means polo t-shirts for lazing around. Formal summer fashion wear would include pastel cotton shirts and linen suits. Summer fashion also extends to fashion swim wear. An important fashion accessory for the summer fashion is cool eyewear to keep out the sun's rays.

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